Weekly Maintenance

1. Net surface / floor
2. Brush walls and steps
3. Vacuum (as necessary)
4. Clean automatic pool cleaner
5. Adjust & maintain chemical balance
6. Backwash / clean filter
7. Verify water circulation
8. Clean skimmer baskets
9. Clean pump basket
10. Identify problems & provide quote on repair cost

Chemicals used are documented each week by the assigned pool technician and recorded in our data base along with work history, contact information, and specifics unique to the property.

Service is provided on the same day each week. The day is determined by the property location.


Control Systems
Salt Systems

Additional Services

Pool Inspections (written report provided)
Acid Washes
Equipment Operation Training
One time pool turn around
Draining Service
DE Filter Teardown
Sand Filter Change
Variable speed pump calibration

If you are looking for a service not listed above , please give us a call. If we do not offer the service ourselves, we will refer you to a reputable company who does.